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David Lundgrin

SubjectReligion and

Technology Education

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Senior Bible

/files/Faculty Staff Files/world-religion.jpg12 Bible - During the first semester the seniors will study about world religions and how we, as Christians, should relate to them.  The seniors will each research a world religion and then do a presentation in class. Check with RenWeb for more information and class syllabus.


Junior Bible

11 Bible- During the first semester the Juniors will study the book of Daniel and Revelation and the prophecies that are recorded there. During the second semester we will be studying the 28 fundamental beliefs of the SDA church.


Sophomore Bible

 10 Bible- During the first semester the sophomores will study the old testament starting with the Exodus. Every student will be responsible to research an old Testament book and present their findings in class. Details on this research project are given on Edline.   

Technology Education:                                                                                   Credits


In Automotive Technology students can learn starting            In Wood-Working students will learn the correct safety pro-

with the basics of maintaining a car, oil changes,                       cedures and how to operate every machine in the Wood Lab.

brakes, diagnostics, and go all the way to rebuilding an             They will work on simple projects like boxes and skateboar-

engine and replacing major parts and components.                    ds as a class to learn the basics. Then they will be allowed to

                                                                                                work on personal projects of their choosing like tables,

                                                                                                chairs, and even electric Guitars!


                 1. Automotive Technology I                                       Semester 1   (5)  Semester 2    (5)

                 2. Automotive Technology II                                      Semester 1   (5)  Semester 2    (5)


                 3. Woodworking Technology I                                   Semester 1   (5)  Semester 2    (5)

                 4. Woodworking Technology II                                  Semester 1   (5)  Semester 2    (5)