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Welcome to Academy Yearbook!   The only


 class which will record your antics and


embarrass your family and future


children for decades to come!  


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 Here is a road map of what we will do in this class:



Yearbook Syllabus

What you will learn in this class:

You will study basic facts, learn current concepts in yearbook

designing, and produce the school’s print yearbook.

We edit photos using Adobe Photoshop Express, design layouts

using Adobe InDesign, and print parts of the yearbook and the entire FEATHER on campus using Canon's CLC1180.


Advertising Contract for 12th Grade Congratulatory Message

Instructions for Submitting or Designing your Congratulatory Message

Acceptable File Formats for Submitting an Advertisement or Message



Advertising Contract for Local Businesses

Instructions for Submitting or Designing your Local Business Advertisement



YEARBOOK ADS!  Yippee!  We will be doing the layouts for the ads we

collected.  Now it is time to perfect them and give them back for

review.  These are DUE ON NOVEMBER 10, 2011.