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2nd Grade

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Welcome to a new year at Mesa Grande Academy!


2nd Grade

WELCOME and thank you for taking the time to consider Mesa Grande Academy as your school for next year!  I am proud to say that I have my own three children here and I do believe they are receiving the highest level of education from the most caring teachers. 

This is my eighth year teaching and each year I am so amazed with the gifts that God has given to us in our children.  I do not take the responsibility of teaching your child lightly!  It is my goal that each child in our class will develop a love of learning and growing both academically and spiritually.  I will do everything in my power to work with you as a team member to take your child to his or her highest potential. In addition to the instruction that I provide, your child will also participate in music and physical education classes with Mr. Heinrich and Mrs. Darkens!  

 Below is a summary of the topics that we cover here, in 2nd grade.        ~Tara Pierce




·         God Creates the World

·         Story of Moses

·         Samson, Saul, Elijah, Elisha, Daniel

·         Jesus is born

·         Jesus’ miracles

·         Jesus’ death and resurrection

·         Jesus’ promise to return



  • Addition and subtraction  strategies
  • Addition and subtraction using up to three digits

·         Number patterns & graphing

  • Capacity, weight, temperature, measurement

·         Solid figures & plane shapes

·         Time & money

·         Place value up to 1000

·         Fractions

·         Beginning multiplication

  • Accelerated Math Program for those students who “need more”

Language Arts:

  • Accelerated Reading Program – independent based reading
  • Reading groups
  • Thematic study units including Desert, Rainforest, Christmas Around the World, The Wright Brothers & flight
  • Saxon Phonics program
  • Writing units include writing friendly letters, poems, how-to directions & fiction stories


  • Life Science: Animals and Fossils  and the Human Body
  • Earth Science:  Geology
  • Simple machines and inventions

Social Studies:

  • People All Around - Communities
  • Earth our Home- Geography
  • A Working World – how factories, farms and businesses run
  • Discovering our Past – the beginnings of America