Mesa Grande Academy

World History

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Dear World History Student,

Little did the unknown Egyptian scientists preparing their King for burial know that men would be amazed by their work three thousand three hundred and fifty-seven years later!  Nor did the hunter know, as he thought his last conscious thoughts before succumbing to his cold, frozen death, that he would be famous and marveled at 5000 years afterward!  Many people of the past were going about their business, just as you do every day, with no thought of the fact that they were making history.   

Can you learn the entire history world in a one-year course?  I don't think so!!!  We will, however, do an overview that shows you where you fit into the stream of events that created the world you inhabit today.  You will understand more of the present by exploring the past.  Many voices from history will speak to you through their art, their literature, their habitats…and you will be wiser.   

We will be doing some "time travel" back to the long-ago.  Our thinking will mature as we visit the ancients in India, China, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Jerusalem and others.  Choose to have an attitude of curiosity and wonder so you can learn from those who have gone before us.  The study of history is really the study of yourself for it makes you aware of the many past influences that have created your culture and opinions today.  You can gain wisdom by learning from the triumphs and failures of the many cultures before you.  I will serve as your guide; the discoveries you must make yourself.