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High School Academics

Mesa Grande Academy's college-preparatory program is designed to encourage students to take rigorous classes that will prepare them for future studies and careers. 

University Dual Credit Courses

MGA partners with La Sierra University to offer dual credit courses on our campus.  Students who enroll and satisfactorily complete the requirements for a dual credit course will receive college credit issued directly by La Sierra University. Due to the partnership between Mesa Grande Academy and La Sierra University, MGA students may enroll in these courses for a minimal recording fee which is just a fraction of the normal cost per credit at La Sierra University.

Dual Credit courses offered at MGA:

  • College Algebra (MATH 121)
  • College English (ENGL 111, ENGL 112, ENGL 113)
  • College Psychology (PSYC 104)

Advanced Placement Courses

Advanced placement classes provide students with an opportunity to enrich their high school experience, by enrolling in college-level courses while still receiving high school credit. High school credit is earned by enrolling in and passing the class, while college credit can be attained by earning a satisfactory score on the College Board Advanced Placement Test at the end of the school year. In addition, because of their higher academic rigor, these classes help students develop skills and habits that will further prepare them to succeed in college.

Advanced Placement courses offered at MGA:

  • AP United States History
  • AP Drawing

Courses Offered at MGA

* Dual Credit=High school & college credit

¤ UC a-g approved course

More information about the official UC a-g approved course list



English & Literature 

  • English I¤ 
  • English II¤
  • English III¤
  • English IV¤
  • College English* 
    (ENGL 111, 112, 113)


  • Algebra I¤
  • Geometry¤
  • Algebra II¤
  • Pre-Calculus¤ 
  • College Algebra (Math 121)*



  • Biology I¤
  • Biology II: Anatomy & Physiology¤
  • Biology II: Biotechnology¤
  • Biology II: Ecology¤
  • Chemistry¤
  • Physics¤

Foreign Languages

  • Spanish I¤
  • Spanish II¤
  • Spanish III


Physical Education

  • Physical Education I
  • Physical Education II
  • Weight Lifting
  • Health



  • CIF Varsity Sports
  • Cross Country
  • Flag Football
  • Golf
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Softball
  • Volleyball



  • Automotive Technology
  • Computer Applications
  • Computer Coding
  • Intro to Automotive Technology
  • Welding
  • Intro to Fine Woodworking 

Visual and Performing Fine Arts

  • Choir¤
  • Chorale¤
  • Concert Band¤
  • Handbells¤
  • Art Technique and Appreciation¤
  • AP Drawing¤
  • Digital Production¤
  • Artistry in Fine Woodworking¤
  • Multimedia: Photo & Video¤
  • Multimedia: Digital Art¤
  • Multimedia: Fabrication Design¤
  • Multimedia: Graphic Design¤

Social Studies

  • Geography
  • World History¤
  • United States History¤
  • AP United States History¤
  • Government¤
  • Economics¤
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