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Athletics Mission Statement

To witness about God’s love through athletic competition, while giving students the opportunity to create lasting memories and experience character-building moments.

As members of the Mesa Grande Academy athletic department, we recognize that athletic competition provides opportunities for students to build character and grow as humans through the challenges and successes that exist. Our main focus is to guide students through these experiences so that they become better human beings when they are finished. This includes how they interact with other teams, their team, and their community. Most of all, we must show Christ’s character in everything we do. We are a witness to those around us and everything we do should reflect God’s love.

Athletics Vision Statement

To be a blueprint for success through league and association accomplishments as well as through our reputation as a Christian character-building program.

Mesa Grande Academy has had a rich history of success in both our league accomplishments and titles in all of our sports as well as state association accomplishments. We have won multiple CIF-SS titles in multiple sports and we strive to achieve this level of success each year in our programs. We have been academic team champions in CIF-SS multiple times and have expectations to achieve these awards for our teams each year.
Success does not come without building the foundation of integrity and character in each of our coaches and athletes. Winning is a result of discipline and hard work and the continual commitment to improvement. Winning is irrelevant without coaches and athletes who demonstrate a Christ-centered character. We view athletic competition as a means to teach students how to work through challenges they face.

Sports Philosophy

The varsity program at Mesa Grande Academy provides students with the opportunity to compete athletically while learning to balance the challenges of academics. Our goal is for student athletes are to model a Christian character, learn life skills, and develop time management strategies.

Mesa Grande Academy is a Seventh-day Adventist school committed to the Christian values modeled to us by Jesus. We expect our students to use athletics as a way to witness to others about our belief in Him. This would include by the way we compete with other players, the way we communicate with coaches and fans, and the way we cheer in the stands. We want to use our opportunity to compete as a Bible class lab to show everyone what we have learned and what we believe in.

To be a member of a varsity team, you must learn to balance academics and extracurricular activities. This is an opportunity for athletes to prepare themselves for the added challenges academically they will see in higher education. Varsity sports should never be an excuse but rather a tool to improve your academic skills. Grade reports and teacher communication ensure eligibility for participation.

As a member of a varsity team you must show commitment to the team through attendance of all practices and games throughout the season and off-season. Each member of a team has a role and the absence of on member weakens the whole group.

Playing time is not guaranteed and is solely given through what the coaches’ see is earned. Communication with the coach concerning playing time is encouraged but only in a private respectful way from both athletes and parents outside of practice and game events.

The varsity program at Mesa Grande Academy is a place where student athletes can demonstrate their love of athletics in a safe and Christian way. Coaches are committed to excellence and are held to a high standard set by our program. Success is not measured by wins and losses but by the relationships that are developed in the process.

At Mesa Grande Academy we want to give opportunity for middle school age students to prepare for the high school sports program. Our goal is for student athletes to begin to learn the fundamentals of the sports as well as become prepared for the expectations and commitment required to be a part of a sports team here at Mesa Grande Academy.

Mesa Grande Academy is a Seventh-day Adventist school that is committed to the growth of students in Christ.  We expect our students and parents to reflect the values and expectations that we are committed to. This includes modeling a Christian behavior both as athletes and coaches on the field or court as well as in the stands as fans.  Parents should behave in a way that reflects our values to coaches, visiting fans, players, and their own children. Failure to meet these expectations will result in dismissal from participation.

To be a member of a sports team you must be committed to your academics first.  Grade reports will be checked and teachers contacted to ensure eligibility. To be a part of a team, you must be committed to your team in both practice and games.  Unexcused tardiness or absence from practices and games could result in a lack of playing time or dismissal from the team. Practices are were the most learning and teaching take place and participating fully is the only way to get better.

Playing time is not guaranteed nor is it equal.  This is a preparatory program for teams at the high school level and coaches will make decisions they feel best reflect this philosophy.  Our goal is for everyone to improve and develop so that when they move into the high school level, they are ready for those challenges. We allow 6th grade students to participate in certain situations but we understand that they are usually less physically developed and may not play as much as they will when they become 7th and 8th graders.

The middle school varsity program is a chance for students to express themselves outside of the classroom.  They have the opportunity to model what Mesa Grande Academy values and witness for Christ to our community.

Codes of Conduct

This is a commitment by all athletes to conduct themselves in a way that reflects God character, our school, and our sports program’s values and goals set forth below.

I am committed to upholding the values of Mesa Grande Academy and its Athletic Department. These goals and values are, but not limited to:

  • To model a Christian character at all time.
  • To use time management strategies to keep grades to an expected level of ability.
  • To attend and participate fully in all practices and games unless otherwise instructed by a coach or medical authority.
  • To maintain emotional control in all situations.
  • To communicate effectively with coaches.
  • Use appropriate language
  • Abstain from harmful chemicals in your body
    • Smoking/vaping
    • Alcohol
    • Drugs
    • Steroids
  • Be a supportive teammate
  • Show pride in your school
    • Social media
    • Clothing

I hereby acknowledge my commitment as an athlete here at Mesa Grande Academy.

This is a commitment by all parents to conduct themselves in a way that reflects God, our school, and our sports program’s values and goals set forth below.

I am committed to upholding the values of Mesa Grande Academy and its Athletic Department. These goals and values are, but not limited to:

  • Ensuring that my child is present at all games and practices
    • This is not an optional activity and your child is expected to attend ALL games and ALL practice. If there is a justified reason to miss practice, communicate that clearly with the coach with as much preparation time as possible.
  • Promoting Christian sportsmanship to all opposing teams and fans
  • Displaying appropriate emotion to all officials
  • Establishing and maintaining a positive cheering environment in the stands
  • Respecting the coaching staff
  • Communicating to coaches in an appropriate manner
    • Do not talk to coaches about issues before, during, or after games.
    • Set up a meeting with the coach along with your athlete where you can communicate privately and professionally when issues arise.
    • If issues are not addressed by the coach, schedule a meeting with the Athletic Director, coach, and athlete to discuss the issue.
  • Using language that reflects our Christian school values
  • Supporting the program by volunteering, driving, etc., when available.
  • Love and support my child with positive words and actions, enabling them to grow and enjoy the activities they are involved in.

I hereby acknowledge my role as a parent to a student athlete here at Mesa Grande Academy.

This is a document that all coaches will sign that unifies the intent of our coaches to conduct themselves according to the values and goals set forth by Mesa Grande Academy’s Athletic Department. This document can be used to show your signed intention of upholding the program here at MGA.

I  am committed to upholding the values and goals of Mesa Grande Academy and its Athletic Department. These goals and values are, but not limited to:

  • Improving the individual skill of each athlete through teaching and practice
  • Teaching Christian sportsmanship to teammates, coaches and opponents
  • Encouraging academic excellence through time management and focus
  • Develop a team atmosphere where all members of the team are valued
  • Emphasizing commitment and hard work as a means to success over skill
  • Educate athletes about the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol
  • Instilling self confidence through team involvement
  • Demonstrating composure in the face of adversity
  • Bringing athletes to know Jesus better

I hereby acknowledge my role as a coach, mentor, adult role model, and teacher to student athletes at Mesa Grande Academy.

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