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Mesa Grande Academy nurtures each student and gives them opportunities to connect with Christ. Our goal is to give them the tools necessary to develop a relationship and utilize the Bible to further that connection with Jesus and each other. 


Each of our students participates in chapel services every Friday morning. Students are able to worship together through music, videos, student-led skits and activities, and through messages presented by school speakers and area pastors. 

Week of Worship

Twice a year for K-6 and three times per year for 7-12 grades, students participate in a week-long worship experience. Each day during Week of Worship, students come together to sing praise songs and hear a Christ-centered message from one of our area Pastors. 

Music Ministries

Music Ministry is an elective class that focuses on musicianship and worship culture here at MGA. Students have the opportunity to practice and progress as worship musicians, band members, and worship leaders as they lead out in various Chapels, Weeks of Worship, and Vespers both on and off campus. As an elective course, Music Ministry teaches how purposeful practice, individual development, and collaboration can lead to authentic worship that is student-led and student-driven.

Mission Trips

High School students have the option to participate in mission trips and service projects each year. Every other year there is an option to travel abroad for a mission trip. Some of the locations have included Peru, Latin America and St. Vincent. Some of the local service projects have included work around Pine Springs Ranch, senior living communities, the local post office and yardwork for area homes. 

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