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Guide to Volunteer Clearance

Thank you for your desire to volunteer on our campus! We appreciate the many ways individuals support Mesa Grande Academy with their time and talents!

One of our top priorities is student safety and we have a comprehensive volunteer clearance policy to ensure student safety. This policy is developed by the Southeastern California Conference Office of Education and is based on California state laws and the Pacific Union Education Code we abide by.

The following outlines the categories of volunteers and steps required to be cleared to volunteer. You will fall into one of these categories and you must follow the steps in that category only. We strongly urge you to do this ASAP because you may not be cleared for an event if you leave it until the last minute. If you have any questions, please contact our office at (909) 795-1112. 

  • Definition: Individuals who attend/assist with a couple of special on-campus events (i.e. Class Christmas Party, Concert, Child's Birthday) and whose only interaction with the students is in the presence of an administrator or teacher. 
  • Requirements: None
  • Definition: Volunteers who accompany students while on off-campus trips and are with students for more than 32 hours in a school year. 
  • Requirements:
  1. Visit 
  2. Click First Time Registrant
  3. Choose State: California
  4. Choose Conference: Southeastern California Conference
  5. Have you previously registered with Adventist Screen Verification? No
  6. Create User ID & Password and fill out requested information.
  7. Select the Primary Location you work or volunteer: Choose Mesa Grande Academy from dropdown menu
  8. Choose Kind of Volunteer
    1. School Basic/Field Trip (Driver)
    2. School Basic/Field Trip (Non-Driver)
    3. School Driving Check Only (Only choose this if an Extended Volunteer who is doing Live Scan and other training but wants to drive).
  9. Choose any other locations you volunteer for (Only if volunteering at a church as well)
  10. Volunteer Commitment Form
    1. Click on the PDF logo and read form.
    2. Then put your name and date to acknowledge.
  11. At this point, you are registered with Sterling.
  12. Do Child Protection Training
    1. 30 Minute Video (Can pause and rewind but not fast forward - it will start up where you left off if you have to leave or there is a period of inactivity).
    2. Answer 25 Questions to ensure knowledge.
  13. Back on your account homepage, click on the left hand column “Training Report.”
    1. This will take you through the entire process of receiving a background check and Motor Vehicle Record check (if a driver). 
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